Action Plan 2016

The Juan José López-Ibor Foundation has provided the following activities in its Action Plan for the year 2016:


It has been proposed to continue with the cataloging of documents and to boost the agreement with the Faculty of Documentation and the General Directorate of Archives and Libraries of the Community of Madrid so that the library can be declared of public interest.

It has also been proposed to apply for a grant to digitize the work of Professors Juan José López Ibor and Juan José López-Ibor Aliño.

Journal Actas Españolas de Psiquiatría

Another goal is to maintain the editing and publishing of the journal both in paper as well as in electronic format and to keep Prof. Maria Ines López-Ibor and Prof. Miguel Roca as publishers. The Scientific as well as the Advisory Councils of the journal should be updated, the members of the Board will be asked to propose names of persons who could collaborate. The goal is to have 6 issues a year and some supplements and at least to maintain the impact factor as it is at present, passing to be in the third quartile.

Publication of the book in homage of Prof. Juan José López-Ibor

Coinciding with the launching of the book on “Psychiatry: Present Situation and Future Perspectives”, a scientific meeting in collaboration with the Ramón Areces and the Lilly Foundations is being organized, to be held in between May-June 2016. The authors of the book will be invited to participate in this conference.


Sanitas, leading private insurance company in Spain, has hired the Juan J. López-Ibor Foundation to give training courses on psychological and mental health issues to managers and staff of their company. The López-Ibor Foundation will organize and give the courses.

Ortega-Marañón Foundation

Further collaboration will be continued with the Ortega-Marañón Foundation for the organization of two to four scientific sessions aimed at professionals and the general public on issues related to psychiatry and mental health.

Other projects

• Further efforts will be made to raise funds to try to keep the López-Ibor Award and for the organization in 2017 of an International Congress on Psychiatry and Philosophy in collaboration with the World Psychiatric Association Section on Philosophy and Humanities in Psychiatry chaired by Prof. Stanghellini and Prof. Bill Fulford.
• To promote and introduce the project “Ponte Guapa Mamá” for the purpose of being able to have it ready for the second quarter of 2016.
• The Foundation will also continue developing training activities that are currently taking place on the basis of already existing agreements with universities.
• A new objective proposed is to promote research activities of the Foundation taking advantage of the activity of the Lopez Ibor Clinic, which has had this year 18,000 inpatient stays and 20,0000 outpatient consultations. Research studies will be designed to take advantage of these resources and the members of the Board are asked to propose topics or give advice about possible collaboration with other centers.