Grant for Young Researchers 2014


The Board of Juan José López- Ibor Foundation announces the call for one (1) grant to promote a young researcher in the field of Psychiatry, Neuroscience, Mental Health and Clinical Psychology in a renown international research center for a young researcher.  The carrier of the grant will be designated research scholar of the Juan José López-Ibor Foundation and should be reflected as that in their affiliation and their Curriculum Vitae.

The grant is intended for specialists in Psychiatry or Clinical Psychologist to carry out a research project after completing specialist training. Candidates must be under 35 years.

The research scholar will join a research program pertaining to a Department of Psychiatry and/or Neuroscience to be selected. His/her main tasks will be related to clinical research carried out in the Department, as well as to actively participate in the teaching program, seminars, workshops, etc.

The Scholar will be supervised by a Project Manager appointed by the Foundation, who will have the last word on the choice of the center where the project will take place.

The Scholar is obliged to expressively recognize the help provided by the Juan José López- Ibor Foundation in all published articles, conference papers and other scientific or educational results, as well as to send a copy of the work, communication or conference to the secretariat of the Foundation.

If any circumstance would prevent the grant holder to carry out the activity inherent to the grant during the established period, this will cause the termination of the enjoyment of the benefits of it.


The scholarship is funded by Lundbeck A/S Research and Lundbeck Spain. The allocation amounts 36,000€. Withholding tax, if existing, as established by Spanish tax legislation will be deducted from the total amount. The Scholar will invest the endowment received solely for research purposes for which the grant has been awarded. The scholar will receive the funding through the Fundación Juan J. Lopez –Ibor in three instalments: one third at the granting, another third at the corporation and the last third when finished.


  • Spanish Nationality
  • Under 35 years (at the time of publication of this call)
  • Title of Specialist in Psychiatry or Psychology specialized in Clinical Psychology
  • Accept and meet the conditions and requirements of the Terms of the Grant


A Jury, appointed by the López-Ibor Foundation, will evaluate applications that meet the requirements and eventually interview candidates to assess their suitability with regards to their personal and academic interest, seriousness, and future projection of their training.

The Jury will decide the final allocation of the center to the scholar.

By proposal of the Jury, the offered grant may be declared null and void if a suitable candidate and/or appropriate research project is missing.

No information on the individual assessment of each request will be provided.

The decision of the Jury is final, secret, and will put an end to the selection process.

The granting of this scholarship will be announced during the World Congress of Psychiatry that will take place in Madrid, 14-18 September 2014 and on the website of the Juan José López- Ibor Foundation.


To be eligible for the scholarship, the following should be submitted (in Spanish as well as in English):

  • Personal, professional and academic information of the applicant.
  • An explanatory letter for the reasons of applying for the scholarship, maximum 2 pages.
  • Explanatory report of the research project the scholar would like to join or start (5-10 pages), including a budget and a detailed schedule of the same.
  • References: Two letters of introduction / recommendation by two renowned researchers should be sent directly by them to the Juan José López- Ibor Foundation.
  • Presentations at congresses (only the last 3 years).
  • Direction or participation in research projects, only the last 5 years.
  • Publications with impact factor indexed by the JCR, only the last 5 years.
  • Suggestions about the center where his/her research project could be developed. If a center is already suggested (university, hospital, company or research center), a presentation letter by the managing director of the center will be required, stating the circumstances and importance of the project.


The application must be accompanied by the following documentation:

  • Photocopy of ID card
  • Photocopy of the title of Specialist in Psychiatry or Clinical Psychology or certificate of having finished their specialist training.
  • Full academic certification (certified copy).
  • Other certificates (diplomas, Masters, doctoral thesis, etc. ..)
  • Proof of teaching and/or research merits


They must be submitted before 30TH June 2014, as follows:

A single bound copy of the application on printed paper and supporting documentation, to the attention of:

Fundación Juan José López- Ibor

C / Doctor Juan José López Ibor, Nr 2

28035 Madrid

Also a complete application with supporting documentation will be sent as a single document in PDF format (in Spanish as well as in English), identifying it with the full name of the Applicant to the following email:

Applications that do not meet the standards set out above will be excluded from the selection process.

If the applicant is in possession of any other scholarship or financial aid, this must be indicated specifying the institution granting it, the reason and the amount.

Applications and documents submitted to this call that did not receive the grant will be destroyed one month after the decision was made public.


The Scholar shall submit a final report at the latest three months after completing the research project, in which all activities, publications, communications at conferences, courses carried out, participation in research projects, functions carried out in these last ones during the period of the enjoyment of the Fellowship will be duly justified.

The report will be evaluated by the Project Manager assigned to the Scholar and by the Board of the Juan José López- Ibor.

The Juan José López-Ibor Foundation will have the intellectual copyright and free disposal of the work or result or results of the research project, if any is available, and may be published in the Spanish journal Actas Españolas de Psiquiatría.

In any case, the scholar cannot make any previous publications without the written permission of the Foundation.


Granting and benefit of the scholarship will in no case constitute any contractual, employment or statutory relationship with the Juan José López- Ibor Foundation, nor with any of the entities in which the research project will be conducted.


The applicant for a grant expressly agrees to accept the terms of the same, whatever interpretation the Jury makes of them, and to expressly renounces to any kind of judicial or extrajudicial action against the decision of the Foundation and the Jury. Therefore, accepts the terms and conditions of the grant as stated above and those established by the Juan José López- Ibor Foundation for the monitoring of the Scholarship. In case of breach of the exposed terms, the scholarship shall automatically expire, losing the right to its enjoyment and having to return any economic aid as received so far.

The winner of the Research Scholarship consents the Foundation to have his/her name and universities or research institutions where the scholarship will be carried out, to appear in the web page, in the Annual Report and/or any other publication of the Foundation.