The Foundation

  • The Juan José López-Ibor Foundation was created by Prof. Juan José López-Ibor Aliño in 2005.
  • Its purpose is the care, teaching and research in the field of psychiatry, mental health, neuroscience and other fields related to health sciences.
  • It carries out its activities both nationally and internationally.
  • It has an Advisory Board composed of persons of recognized standing and which have shown their interest in the field of mental illnesses.
  • Its members include former presidents of the World Psychiatric Association and former directors of the Division of Mental Health of the World Health Organization.

Governing body:

The government, representation and administration of the Foundation is entrusted to a board consisting of:

Mª Inés López-Ibor Alcocer. President. Tenured Professor and Director of the Department of Psychiatry. Faculty of Medicine. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Corresponding Member of the Spanish Royal Academy of Medicine and of the Royal Academy of Doctors.

Cristina López-Ibor Alcocer. Vice-President, Secretary. Physician. Coordinator of programs of the Spanish Association against Cancer

Hagop S. Akiskal. Professor of Psychiatry. Director of the International Mood Center. Department of Psychiatry. University of California, San Diego, USA.

Jorge Alberto Costa e Silva. Tenured Professor of Psychiatry at the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC) and the Faculty of Medicine Souza Marques – Rio de Janeiro. Member of the Council of the WPA, of the Association of past directors of the WHO and the International Council and of the International Council for Global Health Programs (UNESCO). President of the Brazilian Brain Institute and Senior Scientist of the International Committee against Mental Illnesses (ICAMI) in New York (USA).

Juan José López-Ibor Alcocer. CEO Institute for Neuropsychiatric Research Dr. López Ibor (López-Ibor Clínic).

Jaime López-Ibor Alcocer. Director for Spain CA Indosuez Wealth Management (Europe).

Hans-Jürgen Möller. Professor Dr. Med.DR.H.C.Mult. Professor of Psychiatry and Chairman of the Psychiatric Department at the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich, Germany.

Driss Moussaoui. Full Professor of Psychiatry. Department of Psychiatry Casablanca (1979-2013) Director, Center for Research and Training in Mental Health of the WHO (1992-2013). President of the World Association for Social Psychiatry (2010-2013) and Zone Representative of the WPA for Northern Africa.

Ahmed Okasha     M.D., PhD, F.R.C.P., F.R.C., Psych., F.A.C.P (Hon.). Director of WHO Collaborating Center for Research and Training in Mental Health. Okasha institute of Psychiatry, Ain Shams University. President Egyptian Psychiatric Association. Hon. President Arab Federation of Psychiatrists. President of WPA (2002-2005). Member of WPA Council.

Pedro Ruíz. Professor and Executive Vice Chair. Director of Clinical Programs. Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Miller School of Medicine – University of Miami Clinical Research Building (CRB), Florida, USA. Past President World Psychiatric Association.

Norman Sartorius. Professor of Psychiatry, MD, PhD, FRCPsyh, Dr h.c. mult., President, International Association for the Improvement of Mental Health Programs; Member of the WPA Council; Past Director of the Division of Mental health of the World Health organization; Past President World Psychiatric Association and European Psychiatric Association