Presentation of Medical Guides to help patients with mental illnesses and their families


The Juan José López-Ibor Foundation and the Arpegio Foundation pertaining to the Government of the Madrid Region, presented on October 30th, the edition of Medical Guides to help patients with mental illnesses and their families. The event took place at the headquarters of the Royal Academy of Medicine and was chaired by its president, Professor Manuel Diaz Rubio, together with Ms. Carmen Plata, Director of the Arpegio Foundation and Professor Juan José López-Ibor.

The aim of these informative guides is that patients and their families become more awareness of mental illnesses, its origins, manifestations and effects for the person and their environment, enabling proper treatment. The guides provide rigorous and professional information, away from stereotypes, hoping to help improve the relationship of the patient with therapy, support the work of health professionals and thus overcome social and relational barriers often caused by ignorance.

PRESENTACION-GUIAS-6-okThe guidelines, presented by their authors, are the first to be published in this collection and address issues such as depression, schizophrenia, eating disorders, anxiety and stress, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and personality disorders. The guides are available on the websites of both foundations.
The main mission of the Juan José López-Ibor Foundation is to disseminate information on the most relevant aspects of mental illnesses, with the ultimate goal of “fighting stigma and discrimination of people who suffer from a mental illness and that eventually ends up also affecting their relatives”.
A task that the Arpeggio ( Foundation of the Madrid Region supports through the promotion of activities aimed at the integration and rehabilitation of disadvantaged groups as well as the dissemination of scientific and medical knowledge.


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