Professor Juan José López-Ibor lecture hall

The San Carlos Clinical Hospital, attached to the Faculty of Medicine of the Complutense University, held an event in memory of Professor Juan José López-Ibor Aliño, who was Head of the Department of Psychiatry until his retirement, and who passed away January 2015.
The Ministry of Health of the Madrid region, Jesús Sánchez Martos and the four children of Prof. López-Ibor: María Inés, Juan José, Jaime and Cristina, unveiled a commemorative plaque in his honor, in the lecture hall that, from now on, will take his name: Aula Professor Juan José López-Ibor.

Mr. Jose Soto, manager of the San Carlos Clinical Hospital, emphasized the “unforgettable memory” of Lopez-Ibor. “Thank you Professor, wherever you may be, for allowing us to enjoy so many years of your mastery and skills from humility” he said.


In addition to being Professor of Psychiatry and Professor Emeritus of the Department of Psychiatry at the Universidad Complutense, he was Director of the World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Mental Health Research and Training. He was also member of the Royal National Academy of Medicine, President of the López-Ibor Foundation, he was member of more than 50 editorial boards of psychiatric journals and author of 416 articles and 58 books.

For his part, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, José Luis Álvarez-Sala, shortly reviewed Professor López-Ibor’s curriculum, highlighting his “enormous teaching work” and the value he showed when, aged more than 50, he started again to go in for a public competition to return to this University. Everybody remembered his matter-of-fact interventions, his medical humanism and, in his own words, his interest in contributing to the development of psychiatry and research. “

Blanca Reneses, who received the witness of López-Ibor as Head of the Psychiatric Unit, made an emotional remembrance of her teacher,who enjoyed the transmission of knowledge, a coherent man, with a cultural baggage far beyond medicine, he shared with generosity. A part of him stays with us. “

Carmen Leal, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Valencia, also reviewed some common memories of “50 years of parallel lives”, her solid training as a psychiatrist and neurologist in Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom, and emphasized his efforts to fight the stigma of patients suffering from mental illnesses.

aula jjlopezibor

Finally, the Ministry of Health of the Madrid Region, in his first visit as manager to the hospital where Prof. López-Ibor developed much of his professional career, reiterated his tribute “to the teacher, whom we remember with fondness. I also want to pay tribute to his family and the team of doctors and nurses who worked with him, and his extraordinary work regarding stigmatization of patients, especially in schizophrenia” he reiterated.