The funds of the López-Ibor Library come from the personal library created over many years by Prof. Juan José López Ibor, who in his will bequeathed all his books to the Neuropsychiatric Research Institute Dr. Lopez Ibor.

  • Along the following decades and thanks to his son, Prof. Juan José López-Ibor, the Library has continued to grow.
  • The Juan José López-Ibor Foundation is the entity responsible for the management, maintenance, computerization and dissemination.
  • The Library consists of around 30,000 volumes, mainly in the field of psychiatry and neuroscience. 9,000 are computerized (classified), a process that continues at present.
  • The Library also has an important collection of scientific publications (journals), in total about 400 titles of which 40 are still active.
  • It covers the fields of Philosophy, History, Literature, Politics and Art.
  • It is open to researchers who request it and today the computerized database is being updated, reformatted and soon will be published on the webpage.