Another publications

Psychiatry: Current situation and future perspectives. Tribute to Professor J. J. López-Ibor.

Tribute to Professor J. J. López-Ibor, in collaboration with the LILLY FOUNDATION.

This publication aims to show the vanguard of knowledge about different aspects of Psychiatry, a branch of Medicine that is dedicated to the study and treatment of mental illnesses, whose objective is to prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate disorders of the mind.

Psychoeducational Guides in collaboration with Arpegio

It is a collection of six guides that address the main mental issues.

They are designed for both patients and people who suffer or have suffered a mental illness, in order to better understand their symptoms, are able to recover more easily. We also believe that the knowledge of these diseases helps without a doubt to combat the stigma of mental illness.

Professor Juan José López-Ibor biography

The author starts with conversations with Professor López Ibor to present, to the general reader, a vision of man, his work and his time. With a clear and precise style, it follows the trajectory of the thought of the eminent psychiatrist, which he defines with a metaphor of Ortega in which he alludes to the red thread that is twisted in all the cables of the Royal English Navy.